In an oversaturated market, it can be tough finding ways to make your CBD brand stand out. With numerous companies relying on white label products, it can be easy to have the same product line as your competitors. While custom formulation services are always available, these services require a high financial commitment and aren’t always ideal for startups and smaller businesses. Custom formulations also require a significantly longer lead time depending on what type of product you’re looking to formulate. Have you heard of a custom white label CBD program? Only very few businesses offer this– custom white label offers the benefits you’re looking for to stand out without having to sacrifice significant funding.

The Benefits of a Custom White Label CBD Program

  1. Custom CBD products: Enjoy custom CBD products specific to your line with our customizable white label program. We offer different flavors, active ingredients, and more that can be added to our existing base products. This gives you the opportunity to really target your demographic and ensure your products fit with your brand.
  2. Better lead times and fulfillment: Custom formulation services take time, especially in terms of research and development. While some simpler projects can take only a few months, some of the more complicated formulations can take six months or longer. Our custom white label program offers quicker lead times and fulfillment.
  3. Better pricing: Since custom formulation services are quite labor-intensive, they can become really costly. Our custom white label program delivers a more affordable way to add custom CBD products to your brand. This is ideal for small businesses that don’t have the finances for custom formulation investment.

Work with the Nation’s Leading Custom White Label Program

Hemp Depot is honored to provide the leading custom white label program for businesses throughout the nation and world. Our team is happy to discuss all the different possibilities available with this exclusive program. For more information regarding our custom white label CBD program, please contact us!

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