Are There Any Disadvantages with White Labeling CBD?

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White label CBD opportunities are available from numerous CBD wholesalers as well as established CBD companies. While CBD white label programs have a lot of benefits, some may be curious– what are the drawbacks of purchasing white label CBD products? The most important thing to consider is who you’re purchasing your white label CBD products from.

Disadvantages of Purchasing White Label CBD

  • No proprietary formula: When you decide to purchase white label CBD products, you’re deciding to utilize someone else’s formula as your own. That means that the CBD products you’re selling under your own brand won’t be unique. There could be dozens to hundreds of different companies that may be white labeling the same products that you are. This means that you’ll really have to focus on differentiating your company through marketing strategy rather than producing a different product.
  • No control over manufacturing: Purchasing finished white label CBD products from another company means that they manufacture all of your products for you. This may be great in some ways since you get to save on manufacturing equipment, labor, and costs, but it also means you have no control over the process. We recommend working with a company that has a cGMP-certified facility along with other credentials that are important to you. Make sure that you find a company that values transparency. Ask for facility tours and more information on their manufacturing process so that you have a better idea of where your products are coming from.
  • Requires a high level of B2B trust: You’ll be placing a high level of trust with your white label CBD company– your brand and customer relationships depend on it. With all the recent buzz on unethical CBD companies putting toxic ingredients into their products, finding a transparent, reliable company to purchase your finished CBD products from is imperative. Since you’re branding these products as your own, you’re fully liable for selling products that make your customers sick or expose them to cannabinoids or terpenes not marketed on your product.
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The Importance of Finding the Right White Label CBD Company

Since there is a risk when deciding to purchase white label CBD products, it is pertinent to choose the right company. Finding an ethical, transparent CBD wholesaler is only half of it. You’ll need to find one that’s also reliable to ensure that you’re always able to meet the demand. Some companies fall short in fulfilling white label CBD orders in time, creating a frustrating problem for your company. It is a terrible feeling having the demand but not being able to fill your orders.

Building a good relationship between you and your white label CBD company is crucial for long-term success. We also recommend purchasing your white label CBD products from a company that performs third-party, independent testing on all of their finished products. This will save you money on having to perform your own testing while also ensuring all your products have the legal amount of THC and accurate amount for other cannabinoids.

There are certain perks that some white label CBD companies provide that may make your daily operation simpler. This includes a dropship program where they’ll ship your branded white label products directly to the customer for you. Always compare and contrast different white label programs to ensure they fit your specific needs. Some white label companies also provide custom formulation services. Having this option available in the same place may open some opportunities up for you if there’s a product you can identify that would diversify and benefit your company. Here is some useful products from Hemp Depot Delta-8 gummies, Cavi Cone Weed.

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Learn More About White Label CBD

Hemp Depot is proud to educate our clients about white label CBD and all the leading tips on starting your own CBD company. As the nation’s leading white label CBD company, we work with numerous small businesses and have the experience to provide the support you need. We offer the most competitive white label CBD program and services with the best benefits and purest, high-quality CBD products. For more information regarding our white label CBD program, please contact us!

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