For businesses interested in developing their own CBD ingestible products, the flavor is one of the key profiles they’ll need to keep in mind. For novices new to CBD, they may be wondering if CBD itself has a distinctive taste they’ll need to consider for their product formulations. Here’s a guide to formulating ingestibles with CBD:

CBD Flavor Profiles for Product Formulations

  • Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD oil: Since full-spectrum and broad-spectrum oil are meant to mimic whole plant content, the flavor from all the cannabinoid and terpene content will be stronger than other CBD products. When formulating your own products, be aware of the earthy, hemp flavor that’s distinctive with this type of CBD. Many ingestibles don’t completely mask the flavor of CBD– a lot of customers won’t mind the taste but some do.
  • Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD powders: These powders will have the same earthy, hemp flavor as oil but in a slightly more mild form. This can be ideal for certain product formulations where the flavor is important but you’d rather have a full-spectrum or broad-spectrum product.
  • CBD isolate: CBD isolate is 99+% pure with virtually no flavor. This option has one of the mildest flavor profiles and is ideal for formulating products in which the earthy hemp flavor is undesirable.
  • Water-soluble CBD powder and liquid: Keep in mind that when water-soluble CBD powder and liquid are properly extracted and manufactured that there shouldn’t be any taste. Some companies add fillers that result in a bitter flavor which can be difficult to mask during product formulation. Make sure to get a sample and try the product yourself for quality standards before purchasing bulk CBD.

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Custom CBD Formulation Services from Leading Scientists

The Hemp Depot team is at your disposal with the nation’s leading custom formulation services. For startups and existing companies looking to create their own custom product formulas, our custom formulation services are perfect for you. There’s a lot of thought and science that goes into product formulations– working with an experienced professional can alleviate the stress and minimize formulation errors. Our team is comprised of the nation’s leading scientists and formulators. We’ve successfully created hundreds of custom CBD products and would the opportunity to create yours. We’re passionate about CBD and jump at any chance for innovation and creation. The sky is the limit!

Work with the Nation’s Leading Custom CBD Formulators

Hemp Depot is proud to share all the leading tips for starting your own CBD business. We’re happy to offer our custom formulation services for clients across the nation and globe. For individuals interested in purchasing bulk CBD only, we’re always happy to extend our expertise and provide industry-leading advice for your product formulation and development process. Any bulk CBD purchase made includes comprehensive resources from your project manager. If you’re interested in our custom formulation services, we’ll work hard to bring your vision to life. For more information regarding our custom CBD formulation services, please contact us!

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