Is CBD Oil Legal In Arkansas?

CBD in Arkansas

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Arkansas, popularly known as the Natural State, is famous for its attractive green pastures of land. However, the question arises whether Is CBD Oil Legal In Arkansas? With CBD entrenching itself as an industry in its own right and expanding hugely in the health and wellness market, it is normal for state residents to ponder where one could conveniently score this compound touted for having multiple health benefits. In This Article, We Will discuss more on Is CBD Oil Legal Arkansas?

Arkansas hasn’t remained a cannabis-friendly state for quite some time now. Nonetheless, you can fast get hemp-derived CBD products in the state due to the federal CBD laws highlighted in the Farm Bill of 2018. As per federal laws, Arkansas describes cannabis as plants containing over 0.3% THC and hemp and marijuana as plants carrying below 0.3% THC. Fresh legislation, House Bill 1518, was approved in 2019 that deleted products sourced from hemp plants from the controlled substances list of Arkansas.

Is CBD Oil Legal In Arkansas?

Full-Spectrum CBD Distillate
Full Spectrum CBD Distillate

It is determined by the source of your CBD. As you may be aware, CBD can be derived from both marijuana and hemp, which are two strains of the cannabis plant. The primary distinction between hemp and marijuana is that the former carries just trace quantities of THC (under 0.3% generally). However, the latter contains identifiable levels of this psychoactive substance.

Therefore, the regulations for hemp and marijuana CBD Oil In Arkansas are different.

Marijuana CBD Oil In Arkansas

The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Act allows patients equipped with a doctor’s recommendation to purchase and own cannabis from the state-authorized dispensaries legally. A patient who wishes to apply for a medical marijuana recommendation should be 21 years or more and afflicted with one or more qualifying conditions. Marijuana and its by-products cannot include more than 10 mg of THC.

But, if you desire to buy marijuana CBD Oil In Arkansas, you must apply for a doctor’s recommendation after which you can go to a dispensary to select the product that is ideal for your condition.

It’s vital to note that solely medical marijuana patients can lawfully hold marijuana CBD oil in Arkansas. Ownership for recreational reasons is illegal and is charged with different penalties, from fines to also 10 years in prison.

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Hemp CBD Oil In Arkansas

In contrast to marijuana CBD oil, hemp-sourced CBD is entirely legal in Arkansas. Hemp CBD oil comes under the 2018 Farm Bill, which legitimized the use and harvesting of industrial hemp. The bill makes hemp lawful on the federal level if the in-state law does not state otherwise. Presently, no state legislation in Arkansas has been introduced to control hemp-derived CBD oil.

Briefly, CBD oil is regarded as an over-the-counter product in Arkansas and should pose no major problems when attempting to purchase a bottle in the state.


Where To Buy CBD In Arkansas?

On the question is where to buy CBD in Arkansas? You can purchase CBD oil and other CBD products either online or in stores.

Concerning online sales, CBD is most often discovered on brand-specific websites. One such reliable CBD company is Hempdepot Wholesale which serves all 50 states of the USA and offers shipping across the nation.

These sites enable you to check vital product details like the form CBD is in (for instance oil, tinctures, topicals, capsules), the amount of CBD contained in the product, and the different ingredients or chemicals in the product. The best means to assure that you’re getting a high-quality product is to search for brands that furnish a certificate of analysis (COA) from a third-party testing laboratory. After concluding your purchase, anticipate shipping to require anywhere between 3-5 business days to as much as 2 weeks.

A specific standard every aspiring CBD oil company has to fulfill to become identifiable in the industry. If your selected manufacturer:

  • Sources the oil from certified, organic, industrial hemp
  • It provides a broad spectrum of different terpenes and cannabinoids
  • Employs the extraction method of supercritical CO2 to produce the oil
  • Has distinct shipping and return policies
  • Exceeds in customer service

CBD and CBD products are also present in stores over Arkansas, including health food stores, convenience stores, smoke shops, and shops specializing specifically in CBD.

Reasons To Purchase CBD Online In Arkansas

In-store vendors frequently don’t possess all types of CBD on the shelves. Your options may be restricted as their range is generally limited to two product types. By contrast, all CBD formats out there are sold by online stores, including capsules, topicals, vape oils, gummies, tinctures, and pet products.

Buying CBD online permits you to save more money on your buys. Physical shops need to allow for specific operational expenses, for which they have to compensate with raised prices. Online retailers frequently offer customers loyalty programs and discounts as they don’t incur these costs. Ultimately, it’s a win all situation for the vendor as well as the customer.

The research part is too less taxing while buying CBD online. Shuffling between dispensaries to compare various brands, seeking the opinion of the staff regarding the product, viewing supplement details, and lab reports when you return home – is certainly not a quick means to receive your CBD.

How To Buy High-Quality CBD Oil In Arkansas

Full Spectrum Crude Oil
CBD Oil in Arkansas

Hempdepot Wholesale enables you to buy whole plant botanical and wholesale hemp products for your business. They are a vertically incorporated company with a seed-to-sale model that assures the finest experience and price to their wholesale consumers. Their whole products are sourced and handcrafted at their farms in Colorado to the utmost precise standards. Hemp Depot’s commitment to purity and safety is exhibited by third-party testing. They provide a whole lineup of full-spectrum and 100% nil THC products at the finest price. Their entire crops are completely natural and non-GMO.

Hemp Depot’s range of CBD oils includes Hemp Seed Oil, Full-Spectrum CO2 Extracted CBD Crude Oil, and Bulk Formulated CBD Tincture – Orange, to name a few.


It is hoped that Arkansas will quickly follow other states that are altering their policies on marijuana. Nevertheless, till that happens, only medical marijuana patients can purchase and hold marijuana-sourced CBD oil. If you wish to avail the health benefits of CBD without medical advice, your answer might lie in hemp-derived CBD oil. It is legal across the entire 50 states, so even though you don’t reside near any stores selling CBD products, you can forever purchase your CBD oil online and get it delivered straight at your door. For more information, contact us!

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