With the current state of the CBD industry, some customers have taken the initiative to test their CBD products in order to ensure proper cannabinoid content, pesticide exposure, and heavy metal content. Customers are able to test any CBD products they purchase either through at-home lab kits or through a third-party lab service. While we can’t speak to how accurate an at-home cannabinoid test kit is, this option is usually more affordable than a third-party lab. Customers do have the right to test any products they use and may do so with your CBD products.

Utilizing a Reliable Third-Party, Independent Lab for CBD Testing

Not only are consumers testing CBD products, but so are news outlets, the FDA, and many other interested parties. We recommend always having your CBD products third-party, independently tested by a reliable lab. Mitigate your liability by ensuring your products have legal cannabinoid content and are properly marketed. The more you embrace transparency, the better brand loyalty and trust you can build. That way you can also minimize the risk of having an outside party test your CBD products and discover differing, undesirable results.

Learn More About Testing CBD Products

Hemp Depot is proud to share all the leading tips on starting a CBD business. We always recommend having your products tested or utilizing a trustworthy CBD manufacturer or CBD wholesaler that can provide up-to-date COAs. It’s important to prioritize this in order to reduce the risk of selling products with toxic ingredients that can make your customers sick or unintendedly expose them to THC. For more information regarding CBD product testing, please contact us!