People are now more interested in their legal status in the United States and the business opportunities it may bring. Talking about the benefits of cannabis, we must also address CBD. CBD is found in cannabis or hemp plants and has received a lot of attention. According to Cannabis Business Insider and growing consumers, profitable CBD sees an opportunity to mainstream the CBD market.

The US legal hemp market rose from $ 688 million to $ 1.8 billion between 2016 and 2020.  CBD products derived from hemp show an annual growth rate of about 53%. These statistics show that people have a unique opportunity to enter the CBD market. In this article, we’ll look at some important information you need to know if you’re planning to start a CBD business in Texas.


Texas CBD Ordinance And Law



Cannabis was removed from the Schedule I Controlled Substances List by the Texas Department of Health and Welfare in 2019. This was done after federal agricultural law came into force in  2018 and CBD was also removed from the list of Controlled Substances. In June 2019, House Law 1325, which regulates cannabis production, testing, and cultivation, was passed. The bill was passed to comply with the rules of federal law on CBD products.

Texas currently has its own cannabis law that legalizes CBD within the state. The product is currently cultivated, owned, and sold, provided that it has a  THC content of less than 0.3%. This is a good time for individuals to start a CBD business in Texas without fear of penalties. This freedom has brought many opportunities to the cannabis industry.

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CBD Products Available In Texas



For CBD business, you need to know what products can be legally manufactured or sold in the Texas market. These are CBD Oil, CBD Edible, CBD Drink, CBD Concentrate, CBD Cream, CBD Ointment. Medicines with THC levels up to 0.5% are also on the market but are limited by the state.


State Health Services CBD Regulations

Texas is responsible for managing manufacturers, resellers, and distributors of hemp-derived CBD edible foods, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. The Texas Department of  Health also does not regulate private property and the use of foods, dietary supplements, and cosmetics. House Bill 1325  also plays a role in bills such as

  • To initiate a program to manufacture licenses for manufacturing CBD consumables.
  • For retailers selling CBD products, it serves to create a registration program.
  • Working on testing the CBD products for sale.


Business Licensing

Department of state health Services provides an online platform for two purposes. The first is for the registration and the second is for a license application for the retailers and distributors of CBD products. These applications are submitted in the business and professional license categories. When you apply for licenses then there is a set of documents that are needed to submit with the application.

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How To Apply For Hemp License Permits

The hemp permit or license allows the business entity or individual to start a CBD business in Texas with the authority to handle the hemp products. During the earlier stages of submitting the application for licensing. You will have to submit the details of the facility where hemp is produced and handled.

Many licenses allow applicants to grow one type of cannabis in any part of Texas. The price of a license depends on the type of license, facility, and land permit. You can grow multiple varieties in one facility, and you can grow one variety in multiple facilities.

Each hemp production facility has a separate registration and each batch approval for hemp batches is different. Success in any industry is a difficult task and depends on many factors. The CBD business involves a variety of planning and regulatory tasks, from zero to complete product form. This business, like any other business, carries risks. Not only can your CBD business make money for you. It should also be beneficial in a way to generates a well-informed CBD consumer population and market growth.


Best Place To Get CBD

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