CBD products have gained currency in the beauty and health industries. Consumers, as well as researchers, have got hugely interested in CBD, its types, and its products. Besides, as per a few anecdotal evidence CBD contains therapeutic effects which are beneficial to people. It is likely to lower pain and inflammation, relieve discomfort and stress, enhance sleep quality and aid you to relax. A prime question that raises interest is the method of CBD extraction. So in this post we deal with how to extract CBD from hemp and the best CBD extraction methods so as to receive a quality hemp product.

What Is CBD?

CBD comprises an organic compound present in the Cannabis Sativa plant. Apart from CBD, this slender-leaved plant also includes numerous other compounds and cannabinoids. The most popular ones are CBN, CBG, and THC. THC figures as a psychoactive cannabinoid and causes a high and euphoric feeling. In contrast to THC, CBD is non-intoxicating and does not result in addiction. It activates the endocannabinoid system to create greater cannabinoid receptors in the brain and helps it to perform specific functions within our body. Moreover, it might be employed for therapeutic purposes, to aid with a few health issues. There are a host of CBD products from CBD oils and tinctures, creams, capsules, and lotions. Let’s get to know which CBD types are more effective or which extraction method offers the best impact.

Common CBD Extraction Methods From Hemp

The Cannabis sativa plant family can be broadly grouped into marijuana and hemp. While both include CBD, Hemp favorably carries extremely low (below 0.2%) THC levels in contrast to marijuana and can be cultivated legally by farmers in numerous countries across the world. So CBD is extracted from dried, ground hemp raw material.

Based on the purification steps after the initial extraction, separate types of extracts from full to broad-spectrum and continuing to CBD isolate can be manufactured. However, every single process begins and is marked by selecting a method for this initial extraction, so let’s view the most popular options.

CBD Alcohol Extraction

The alcohol employed for extraction is popularly isopropyl-alcohol or ethanol, both of which comprise solvents popularly utilized in food-grade production. The plant component is saturated with it, then the solution including the extract components is siphoned off the mix and the alcohol is separated from it through distillation,

The resulting so-termed crude extract then goes through more distillations to eliminate, for instance, chlorophyll (the green component of plants) or undesired cannabinoids such as THC while enhancing the favored cannabinoids such as CBD.

Alcohol extraction is the most popularly employed CBD extraction method globally. The solvent may be recycled and utilized for the next extraction, which renders this method cost-effective and saves resources. It also doesn’t need any excessive specialized equipment.

Apart from being an effective way of drawing CBD from hemp plants, it’s also grouped as GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) from the FDA. The method is excellent for preparing a whole spectrum of hemp tinctures and extracts as it intends to extract entire cannabinoids, and not only the CBD.

The processing regarding ethanol extraction involves greater work and incorporates the utilization of various methods of filtration and refinement. Although if performed correctly, winterization is not required, which involves the process of eliminating unwanted elements drawn from plants. For the beginning in the industry, the process is conveniently scalable and can be used on a minor scale.

Carbon Dioxide Extraction

Technology keeps on advancing and the hemp and cannabis industries are propelling it, in multiple ways. The most sophisticated and extensively used extraction method involves CO2 extraction. The process employs compacted carbon dioxide for drawing the preferred phytochemical from the plant. This arrives in 2 types: supercritical and subcritical. Both offer results on the basis of pressure and temperature.


The method involves a lesser solvency power resulting in pulling mainly lighter oils leaving residue most paraffin, resins, and waxes. The process has not the same popularity as supercritical extractions of CO2 which takes a longer time and yields are usually lower. Comparative to the ‘sub’ term this extraction stays cold, this renders it extremely effective in drawing temperature-responsive terpenes and volatile oils.


When discussing the most popularly employed extraction this is the most popular mode of extraction through which you get a unique end-product having a host of cannabinoids that supports enhanced health benefits. With a higher power of solvency, it also speeds up the extraction time, by high pressures and temperatures.

Supercritical CO2 extraction is permitting the extract producers to isolate, trap, and scientifically researched cannabinoids. With each advantage, nevertheless, there remains a hindrance. Although it enables you to draw compounds fast, you could likely extract chlorophyll also.

CO2 extraction remains highly popular and adaptive for separate molecular weights while not depositing any residual solvent. Having the least facility safety demands and expenses, automation is simple and available.

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CBD Oil Extraction

Cannabinoid extraction employing vegetable oils is perhaps the method that has prevailed for the longest duration historically. The oil is “infused” with hemp raw material, which gradually discharges its oil-soluble ingredients.

The major disadvantage is that the oil can’t be easily eliminated, which implies the cannabinoid content in the end product stays comparatively low and it’s not possible to remove plant compounds like THC. Vegetable oils are also comparatively costly and contain ineffective solvents in comparison to alcohol or CO2.

CBD Butane Extraction

Similar to CO2 and ethanol, butane can be utilized as an efficient solvent for cannabinoids if transferred over the crushed, dried plant material. Its initial attraction is the great volatility, which makes the solvent disappear applying slight heat or vacuum. Nevertheless, it is also immensely flammable and explosive, which renders it hard to work with this solvent under safe working conditions. Moreover, it is not a favored solvent to be employed in food products.

The final extract still contains high levels of terpenes and normal THC levels and does not usually undergo any further refinement.

CBD Rosin Extraction

This method yields products resembling butane extraction, but wholly without the inclusion of solvents. Rather, extreme pressure and heat are utilized to obtain a resinous extract straight from the plant compound. The more pressure to be employed, the less heat needs to be applied, which retains valuable terpenes.

This method has become increasingly popular with smaller-grade producers seeking full-spectrum extracts, still containing the normal levels of terpenes, THC, and different plant compounds.

The Best CBD Hemp Products

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Wrapping Up

These are the most popularly employed methods of CBD extraction. Obviously, everyone possesses their preferences and tastes, but in the matter of our health, wellness, and beauty there are some norms to observe. The same holds about selecting a CBD product. It is clear that none of the methods is ideal, every one of them has its advantages and disadvantages. But one thing is indisputable, our finest option remains to produce a minimally processed, pure CBD product constituted from high-quality raw material.

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