Putting it simply, the CBD industry is massive in size. And it’s still growing. With approximately 40% of surveyed U.S. adults willing to try CBD, there’s never been so many potential customers for your business.

As a CBD business, While Buying CBD Products it’s important to look into which demographics may be interested in your products. If you’re looking to buy CBD vape bulk, you might be targeting a different demographic than if you’re looking to formulate a custom CBD skin care line. Here’s everything you need to know about marketing CBD products to different demographics.

Many Demographics Are Interested in CBD Products

Although there are some products that are popular in certain demographics, there’s a large variety of demographics interested in CBD products.

  • Gender: Both men and women* and interested in and take CBD. However, men are more likely to be daily users.
  • Age: Even despite existing stigma, individuals of all ages are taking interest in CBD, including seniors. Some CBD companies claim that their products are safe for individuals of all ages, but more research still needs to be done in order for us to fully understand how CBD affects the developing brain. Despite this, many parents give their children CBD products as an alternative to traditional medicine.

*Side note: There’s not a lot of research on how CBD interacts with pregnant women. It’s thought that CBD topicals are probably safe, but your pregnant customers are recommended to talk to their doctor before use.

Which Products Do Different Generations Prefer?

CBD is popular across all age groups. However, two of the biggest buyers of CBD products are millennials and seniors.

  • Millennials: Millennials most often take CBD for stress or other mental health concerns. CBD Vapes are popular with most groups who partake in CBD use, and millennials are no exception.
  • Young adults: There’s no federal law regulating the minimum age of purchase of CBD products, except for inhalable products. CBD vapes and CBD cigarettes require consumers to be 18+ or 21+, depending on state law. And while many shops have their own policies on age, CBD is still popular among teenagers. CBD edibles are a particularly popular product in the demographic.
  • Seniors: Seniors often report taking CBD as an alternative to traditional medicine. Although vaping is still popular among seniors, this age group is more likely to be sensitive to inhalation. Because of this, CBD topicals are one of the most popular types of products among seniors.

CBD Is Popular Among Pet Owners

CBD for pets has gained popularity exponentially over the last few years. Consumers decide to give their pets CBD for a variety of reasons, with 52% of respondents to one survey citing their veterinarian’s recommendation as the deciding factor. Many other pet owners make their decision due to word of mouth.

Pet owners typically purchase pet-specific CBD products. Other CBD products may have additives or other ingredients, some of which may be harmful to pets. Most CBD pet purchases are CBD pet tinctures.

CBD Use in Health & Fitness Minded Individuals

The fitness and dieting crowd take CBD oil, especially CBD isolate oil, which has no additives. Many consumers have dietary restrictions, so products with no additives are especially important for this demographic while Buying CBD Products.

In addition to fitness enthusiasts, CBD is becoming increasingly popular with athletes. When CBD is being taken for sports-needs or fitness reasons, topicals like salves and muscle gel, are especially popular.

You Have Many Demographics to Target

When purchasing your CBD vape bulk or other products, you need to know what demographics are likely to buy your products. Across several demographics, vaping is one of the most popular ways to take CBD. With athletes, topicals are especially popular. Once you determine what demographic is most likely to be interested in your products, you can work on creating a brand and marketing strategy that appeals to them.

Get More Information

Hemp Depot can help you consider what demographics to target and give tips on starting your CBD company. If you need products specific to a certain demographic, we can educate you on options of personalized CBD product formulation. Reach out to our team for more information and Buying CBD Products. Here is some useful CBD products from Hemp Depot CBN Tincture, Flavoured Tincture.

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