Cannabidiolic acid (CBDA) and Cannabidiol (CBD) are both recognized and ample chemical substances native to the hemp plant. CBD, the main non-psychoactive cannabinoid, has been thoroughly examined for its projected therapeutic qualities and is presently believed to be effective in treating epilepsy, anxiety disorders, inflammation, pain, and different common neuropsychiatric and physical conditions.

In contrast, CBDA has drawn much less interest from the public, the media, and the scientific community, though it is the precursor of CBD formation and displays promise in initial pre-clinical research. However, currently, cannabis raw juicing and the marketing of associated its oils have skyrocketed CBDA again in the spotlight, making people think about the precise distinction between the two likewise-named compounds.

What Is CBDA?

All cannabinoids within hemp and cannabis emerge from cannabigerolic acid (CBGa), known as the mother of all cannabinoids.

CBGa is subsequently converted by plant enzymes into a mix of the 3 main precursor cannabinoid compounds: cannabichromenic acid (CBCA), tetrahydrocanabinolic acid (THCA), and cannabidiolic acid (CBDA) which depends on the specific cannabis strain from which they are sourced.

The non-psychoactive compound CBDA acts as a precursor of CBD. Especially, CBDA is heated or decarboxylated to form CBD. This can occur immediately if vaped or smoked, or gradually when the plant matter is set aside to dry in the sun or also at room temperature.

CBDA can, thus, be considered as raw CBD. Cannabidiolic acid is most frequently present in the raw or live hemp plants cultivated for abundant CBD levels. CBDA Hemp Oil is the primary phytocannabinoid derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant and is growing in interest due to CBD being derived from it.

CBDA is frequently taken as CBD, though it can even be useful while it is raw. CBDA oil can be absorbed or consumed via raw cannabis juice, tinctures, raw CBDA oil, and topical creams.

Differences Between CBDA And CBD

The primary dissimilarity comprises that CBDA acts as a precursor of CBD, similar though not acidic. That implies it is a natural compound present in the raw plant. Similar to numerous cannabinoids, CBDA experiences a change as cannabis is processed. As the plant is dried, cured, or heated, acidic compounds disintegrate into fresh chemicals. This process manufactures huge quantities of CBD from CBDA. You produce CBD by warming CBDA or raw CBD.

By contrast, within raw cannabis, you’ll discover a huge amount of CBDA. You can even discover it in the majority of raw hemp, unrefined cannabis products. As an example, raw hemp oil is abundant in CBDA. This also applies to standard CBD oils that are not filtered or else processed.

Though the differences are limited as research is in its infancy with regard to CBDA, they do share certain similarities as both are non-psychoactive and do not create any euphoria because both CBD and CBDA do not directly communicate with the endocannabinoid receptors.

Another similarity is with regard to the stimulation of the receptor 5-HT1A. Serotonin is an essential neurotransmitter within the brain that is intimately engaged in controlling our anxiety, sleep, mood, and also nausea.

CBD is observed to aid with things such as inflammation, depression, anxiety, and also a unique type of childhood epilepsy. CBD is seen in such an extensive range of health supplements due to its versatility and since it has been researched considerably more than CBDA.

Research On CBDA

Though CBDA lies in the initial levels of research it displays similar, if not greater promise as CBD. For instance, one study discovered that CBDA generates an antidepressant impact on rats at doses ten to a hundred times lesser than CBD.

This is on account of CBDA’s association with serotonin receptors. Due to this very reason, CBDA is researched further as an anti-nausea drug, with a study discovering CBDA more successful in lowering nausea as compared to CBD.

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Potential Benefits

The reason for cannabinoids like CBD and THC to be studied so extensively in comparison to CBDA is since CBDA and different cannabinoids in their acidic forms are not regarded as pharmacologically active. This implies that they don’t impact the endocannabinoid system in like manner as done by their decarboxylated versions. So, greater research has concentrated on CBD rather than CBDA.

Current CBDA Research

However, recent research displays that CBDA oil in its raw form possesses its own specific potential. A study revealed that CBDA could serve as a successful anti-inflammatory agent.

This study found CBDA to be more effective than THC at inhibiting COX-2, an enzyme created during the presence of inflammation. In the same study, it was discovered that the acidic part of CBDA performs a major role in its effect to inhibit COX-2.

A different study discovered that CBDA had nearly a thousand times more potency than CBD for anti-anxiety and anti-nausea effects. This animal study found CBDA to display considerably greater potency at restricting vomiting in shrews and nausea within rats in comparison to CBD.

Part of the problem with CBDA with regard to potential medical use is due to its being an unstable compound. This is obvious upon considering that it slowly decarboxylates, even simply at room temperature. However, it was claimed by Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, the cannabis researcher who initially synthesized CBD and THC that his research crew found a means to change unstable CBDA to a compound with greater stability.

Moreover, CBDA seems to exchange most of the advantages sought by CBD users, like anti-anxiety features and more. Here is some useful products from Hemp Depot CBG Powder, CBD Distillate, Edible gummies.

CBDA Might Be More Powerful

Initial research has discovered that CBD could have greater potency at promoting wellness in comparison to CBD.

This is big for the CBD business and scientists alike, regarding that a short time before scientists didn’t believe CBDA had any impact on the body.

One reason is since the bioavailability of CBDA vs CBD is more, implying it could be metabolized quicker and with less effort. CBDA seems more bioavailable in comparison to CBD. It is still uncertain the extent to which CBDA is more bioavailable, but early findings indicate that CBDA may be nearly 100 times more bioavailable as compared to CBD. This is useful in multiple ways: customers will require fewer CBDA quantities in comparison to CBD that will enter their bloodstream and begin its action with minimal risk of side effects.

CBDA And Seizures

As the FDA certified CBD-related Epidiolex, they needed the company to even perform research on CBDA. The research on GW displayed that CBDA is a still more successful seizure therapy than CBD.

Apart from seizure treatment and skin inflammation, GW Pharmaceuticals has registered a CBDA health-use patent regarding cancer treatment.

The cancer research on CBDA to date has just highlighted isolated cells. Nevertheless, early studies show that CBDA may prevent the migration of a hugely aggressive type of breast cancer called MDA-MB-231.

Further, CBDA might have useful anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, and analgesic properties. This could render it a beneficial tool for various conditions, like auto-immune disorders.

How To Take CBDA?

With regard to the consumption model for It, the two function in the same manner. You can take CBDA Hemp Oil orally and syrups and drops sublingually. Moreover, you can consume CBDA capsules and include the cannabis oil in separate salads, juices, or smoothies, rendering it more preferable and delicious for you.

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Wrapping Up

Evidently, CBDA does have its own specific potential in the upcoming cannabinoid industry. Whereas research into much of the potential of CBDA is just in the early stages, sufficient evidence affords scientists and ardent supplement users considerable optimism.

For those among you who are just wading into the waters of CBD/wellness supplement, CBDA may certainly present another superb option to include in your wellness and health regimen. CBDA is believed to be free from risk and does not contain any great or potential risks associated with THC (like drug tests of your company).

Raw CBDA may just fulfill your need to obtain the best from your wellness schedule!

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