A recent study showcased better CBD bioavailability when taken with fatty foods. Foods That Improve CBD Absorption, CBD products are generally formulated with a carrier oil due to this effect. The study compared taking CBD on an empty stomach to taking CBD with breakfast foods that are richer in fat. The study concluded that participants experienced a four times higher absorption rate than those taking CBD on an empty stomach. The highest recorded rate was fourteen times higher than taking CBD on an empty stomach.

CBD, Cannabis, and Fatty Foods

The chemical properties of cannabis make its compounds more bioavailable when attached to fatty foods. Foods That Improve CBD Absorption, when considering your own CBD product formulation, it is important to understand bioavailability and what can make your products more effective and potent. Carrier oils play a crucial part in bioavailability.

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Understanding that fatty foods can help improve CBD absorption rates is a great pointer that you can offer to your customers. Create recipes that incorporate fatty foods and CBD for your blog or interesting reads on your favorite fatty foods paired with CBD. There are creative marketing opportunities that you can take advantage of.

Learn More About CBD Bioavailability

Hemp Depot is proud to educate all our clients on the efficacy and science of CBD. We’re happy to share all the current studies available on CBD and bioavailability. Keeping this information in mind when you formulate your CBD products can help create more effective ideas. For more information regarding CBD bioavailability, please contact us!

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