For restaurants, cafes, and other businesses in the food industry interested in adding CBD to their menu items, you may be curious if there are any concerns regarding CBD expiration and how your patrons should store their leftover CBD-infused food or beverages. First and foremost, it is important to note that at this time, it is against FDA regulations to serve CBD-infused food or drink at your establishment. It is legal for you to sell finished CBD products alongside your menu items and current services but many businesses are taking the risk anyway. Also, be aware that certain states have banned this practice– check your local state laws and be aware of the risks you are taking if you decide to proceed in serving CBD-infused food or beverage. We always recommend speaking to professional legal counsel if you decide to go against current FDA regulations.

Educating Your Guests On CBD

If you plan on serving CBD-infused food or beverage, it is important to take the time to educate your guests. Make sure to alert them of potential drug interactions and possible false positives in drug testing if you are using a full-spectrum product. Since most oil-based CBD products have a year to two-year shelf life, make sure that you are aware of this and are only serving safe, non-expired CBD. If your patrons are taking home CBD-infused food or beverage leftovers, storing them in the fridge is fine and is recommended for food safety purposes. Since leftovers are usually consumed within a week, you won’t have to worry about CBD expiration in these cases.

Proper CBD Storage for Your Business

Making sure that you’re properly storing your CBD is important for ensuring potency and that other ingredients don’t expire leading to potential harm. Store your CBD in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Keeping your CBD in a tightly sealed container in the fridge can help extend shelf life as long as it’s not exposed to moisture. Always keep your CBD away from sunlight, humidity, and extreme cold temperatures.

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Precautions for Cooking with CBD Oil

If you are infused food or beverages with CBD simply by topping off or drizzling with CBD oil, you won’t have to worry about the smoke point or overheating the oil. If you plan on cooking directly in CBD oil, make sure that you’re taking into account the smoke point of CBD as well as the smoke point for the carrier oil. Most CBD oils are formulated with MCT coconut oil these days which is known to have a relatively low smoke point which is not ideal for cooking. Overheating CBD can lead to an undesirable taste while also reducing its potency.

Learn More About CBD Expiration

Add CBD to a Menu Item, Hemp Depot is proud to share all the leading tips on starting a CBD business. We’re happy to share all of our working knowledge on CBD and help provide the support you need for running a successful CBD company. We offer competitive pricing for the highest quality wholesale CBD and would love to work with you on all your wholesale needs. For more information regarding CBD expiration and infused-food practices, please contact us!

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