It’s not just dispensaries that sell CBD products anymore. More and more retailers, including major chains, are getting in on the CBD business. As such, there’s never been a better time to start your CBD company. There’s an unlimited amount of visibility out there for your brand, with your CBD private label products having the potential of being sold by major retailers.

CBD Is Being Sold By More Places Every Day

Consumers have a range of options for purchasing their CBD. Although most consumers have purchased their CBD products from dispensaries, the trend of major retailers putting CBD products on their shelves may change that.

What Grocery Stores Sell CBD?

Two major chain grocery stores that sell CBD products are Kroger and Whole Foods. Both began to sell CBD after the 2018 Farm Bill, but they’re only two of the first. It’s likely that other major grocery stores will eventually follow their lead.

  • Kroger: Some Kroger stores sell CBD products. The types of products on their shelves include topicals and CBD oil.
  • Whole Foods: In some states, Whole Foods stores sell CBD topicals.

Though CBD products are now being sold in some grocery stores, there’s been increasing regulation around the sale of CBD edibles. Here is some useful products from CBD Water Soluble CBD , Full Spectrum Tincture.

What Drug Stores Sell CBD?

Drug stores are an increasingly popular type of retailer to purchase CBD from. In addition to drug stores, chain make-up stores like Ulta and Sephora have embraced CBD products. As for chain drug stores, the following began selling CBD products in select stores as of 2019:

  • Walgreens
  • CVS
  • Rite-Aid
  • GNC

Where Else Is CBD Sold?

Grocery stores and drug stores are two of the largest categories of chain retailers selling CBD, but they’re not the only chains. A couple of other retailers that have embraced the sale of CBD products include:

  • Urban Outfitters: Though Urban Outfitters is primarily a clothing and accessory retailer, it sells a variety of other goods, too. Now, CBD is being added to the shelves.
  • Dillards: Dillards primarily sells CBD skin care products.

Major Retailers Are Beginning to Sell CBD

With so many places for your product to be sold, it’s a great time to be in the CBD industry. Chain stores are beginning to sell CBD, greatly increasing visibility of your products. And at Hemp Depot, we can help you along the whole process.

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