Visual marketing is important for any marketing strategy, making it important to put in the proper amount of time and consideration for the labeling and packaging of your CBD products. There are different options available for helping you complete this process. Always keep in mind your target demographic and ultimately what will be visually appealing to them.

CBD Product Packaging Design Options

  • In-House Creation: For CBD companies with strong in-house marketing team members, it may be viable to complete this process in-house. Make sure to follow all the FDA guidelines on what information needs to be a part of your labels. Once you’ve created your labels, there are numerous companies that offer wholesale printing services.
  • Hiring a Graphic Designer: Hiring an outside graphic designer for all your product packaging needs is always a great idea. Especially if you need help with your company logo, website, and other marketing collateral, a graphic designer can provide the support you need. There’s a significant pricing scale when it comes to graphic designers, so it is up to you to set aside the right budget for this project.
  • Working with the Right CBD Contract Manufacturer: The right CBD contract manufacturer will have an in-house marketing team and graphic designer that can help you with product branding and marketing. This is ideal especially if you’re taking advantage of their white label or custom formulation services so they have better insight on your products.

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Work with the Leading CBD Contract Manufacturer

Hemp Depot is honored to be the leading CBD contract manufacturer serving the nation. All of our CBD clients that utilize our white label, custom formulation, or contract manufacturing services gain access to our incredible marketing team. Work directly with our graphic designer for all the support you need for creating product labels and developing your brand. We’re in the perfect position to help you since we’re fully involved with manufacturing and developing your product line, giving us the knowledge and experience to help you differentiate your company and better target your demographic.

Learn More About CBD Packaging Design

Hemp Depot is proud to share all the leading marketing tips for CBD startups and businesses. As a completely vertically-integrated company, we’re able to control every step of the process, ensuring the highest standards for your products. Our marketing team is happy to help you with all your branding and marketing needs. For more information regarding CBD packaging design, please contact us!

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