While CBD and THC have remained as the most popular cannabinoids that are naturally-occurring within cannabis, other cannabinoids have recently entered the spotlight. With more and more research being conducted on all the different cannabinoids, researchers are beginning to believe that each cannabinoid has its own set of benefits as well as overlapping ones. CBD companies can take advantage of this by adding different cannabinoid products to their product line, in turn, helping differentiate their brands. Our white label CBD program includes CBN and CBG products.

Take Advantage of Our White Label CBD Program for Leading Cannabinoid Products

One of the benefits of being a vertically-integrated company is that we’re able to achieve a lot more innovation and product growth. Our incredible Colorado hemp farms provide the perfect source of non-GMO hemp crops that we derive our CBD and other cannabinoids from. With extraction completed in-house, we’re able to really customize our raw and finished products. This has given us the advantage of leading cannabinoid products with CBN isolate and CBG isolate. Since everyone’s body chemistry is different and individual issues and conditions differ, it’s important to give your buyers the options for creating their own custom cannabinoid therapy regimen. Making your product line better suited for your customers can inspire brand loyalty and long-term success for your business.

Work with the Nation’s Leading White Label CBD Program

Hemp Depot is honored to provide the leading white label CBD program for the nation and the globe. As we continue to innovate, our product offering will expand enabling better white label product availability for your company. Keep up with the ever-evolving hemp movement by adding other isolated cannabinoid products to your product line. This can provide numerous benefits from better sales to showcasing your authority and expertise in the industry. For more information regarding our white label CBD program for CBN and CBG products, please contact us!