The 2018 United States Farm Bill legalized the production of hemp sourced products containing a THC level of below 0.30%. This bill has repealed federal laws and deleted hemp from the controlled substances list.  Hemp-extract products have been granted legal status since 2018 in the State of Hawaii. However, it was approved by the state government only in 2020. Read on to know Is CBD Oil Legal In Hawaii?

CBD Laws In Hawaii

Retailers have been authorized to sell hemp-sourced products since 2018 in Hawaii. CBD products derived from hemp are available to be sold and shipped across the state. Moreover, the State of Hawaii has given a green signal to hemp production in 2020 through the Domestic Hemp Production Program of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Although the sale of hemp-extracted products has been allowed under federal law, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates the way it is marketed by the CBD companies. At present, the FDA disallows the selling of CBD products as a pharmaceutical drug or a dietary supplement.

The Hawaii Department of Health has agreed with FDA regulations on the way retailers can market their CBD products within Hawaii. As per the Hawaii Department of Health, no health claims are permitted to be made by the CBD brands. You will find CBD sellers issuing disclaimers on their product labels as well on their official sites to evade penalties. State laws in Hawaii also restrain the addition of CBD to food, cosmetics, and beverages produced within the state.

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Hemp Farming in Hawaii

Farming hemp in Hawaii is legal under the Domestic Hemp Production Program by the USDA. The regulation authorizes the operation of hemp farms within the agricultural districts of the state. In Hawaii, the renewal of the farming licenses takes place after two years.

Is CBD Oil Legal In Hawaii?

An organization that accredits and guarantees the safety and quality of CBD products is the US Hemp Authority. When CBD labels earn the stamp of the US Hemp Authority, it indicates that the product has been tested, audited, and has been ethically manufactured by the brand following lawful practices.

Any CBD oil derived from hemp, such as full-spectrum CBD requires a valid prescription to be sold in Hawaii. Full-spectrum CBD oil is stacked with all the phytocannabinoids produced in the hemp plant which includes 0.3% THC. Consuming collectively the cannabinoids present offer an entourage effect as maximum benefits are generated when cannabinoids are taken together instead of individually. People enrolled with the medical cannabis registry scheme can choose common strains having both CBD and THC.


Hawaii restricts the recreational usage of cannabis. Despite that, the State law permits the usage of medical marijuana. Individuals having qualifying medical ailments can apply using the Medical Cannabis Registry Program.

On the question is CBD oil legal in Hawaii, well it is legal so long as it is derived from hemp and contains below 0.3% THC level. As The 2018 United States Farm Bill has accorded legal status to industrial hemp farming and its production, it has also repealed federal laws. The Controlled Substances Act does not include CBD products that are hemp-extracted and have a THC level of below 0.3%.

Due to the upregulation of the CBD industry, users need to opt for product quality – whether CBD is organically grown, non-GMO or gluten-free. Likewise, brief research about the CBD brand, its laboratory testing methods, business ethics, customer reviews, as well as product reviews is also essential. Buyers should always search for the latest product COA. The certificate of analysis ensures the safety of products, their purity, and ingredient list and ensures that it does not contain dangerous chemicals such as pesticides and heavy metals.

Legitimate CBD companies contain batch numbers on their product labels or packaging which allow consumers to hold brands accountable when they discover harmful ingredients inside the concentration.

Where To Purchase CBD Products Legally?


CBD is extensively available all across Hawaii stores, cafes, retail outlets, and health food stores. However, it is best to buy from brand-specific sites where you find a vast list of CBD products and their description, the CBD concentration, the product ingredients, and more. These online stores are operated by specialists whose interests revolve around CBD and hemp and they offer a wide selection of products compared to physical vendors. You can select from gels, gummies, sublingual drops, vape juice, and also pet products.

Local shoppers in Hawaii will find it difficult to search for a store that would have an assortment of quality CBD products as the majority of the big retailers are situated in Honululu. Moreover, online CBD products are generally more affordable compared to physical stores. Online outlets provide bulk deals, rebates, better prices, as well as reward programs. In addition, it is convenient to research a CBD brand that ships CBD oil in Hawaii.

Premium CBD manufacturing brands like Hempdepot offer a wide range of CBD products from bulk CBD and hemp products, tinctures, wholesale CBD clones and seeds, Full-spectrum oil, Softgels, distillates, and a vast array of products. Their products are shipped all over the nation which includes Hawaii and across the globe.

Wrapping Up

Hawaii is gradually inching on to the progressive states category within the United States and its next leap is that of legalizing marijuana for the residents of Hawaii. However, for the moment, Hawaii has an organized program concerning patients qualifying the medical conditions.

If you intend to purchase CBD oil minus prescription and without any intoxicating effects, your best option can be to procure hemp-extracted CBD oil from trusted brands with strict quality control like Hemp Depot as it is a credible source manufacturing top of the line CBD products.

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