Michigan is known for its longest coastline and fishing and its legislature has also approved modification in state laws for the production of hemp initiating a learning curve for this state. The 2018 Farm Bill legalized the growth of hemp, the low-THC-containing portion of the cannabis plant wherefrom CBD is extracted. All this sets in motion to enforce regulations for safe CBD products.

To know is CBD legal in Michigan, we take a look at the Michigan Industrial Hemp Research and Development Act 2014, under which hemp production and hemp-extracted CBD products enjoy legal status. Although, following the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) directives, the marketing of CBD products as dietary supplements is still restricted. Hemp-derived products and cannabis-derived CBD products are legal as stated in the Michigan House Bill 5440. As per the state regulations, marijuana-extracted CBD products do not fall into the marijuana category if it contains a THC content below 0.30%. For the time being, hemp-extracted CBD products containing more than 0.3% of THC are labeled as marijuana.

Michigan has also legalized the recreational usage of marijuana within the state. Marijuana for medicinal use is also authorized by the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act 2008. Even though no possession limits are imposed for hemp-derived CBD in Michigan, but there are restrictions for possessing cannabis. Carrying more than 2.5 – 5 ounces of marijuana is barred and civil penalties and fines are imposed on first-time lawbreakers.

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Is CBD Legal In Michigan?

Let us discuss is CBD legal in Michigan?

According to federal law, CBD derived from hemp is legal whereas CBD extracted from marijuana is denied legal status. However, CBD in Michigan is legal even when it’s derived from both sources. The imposition of the 2018 Farm Bill abrogated industrial hemp from the classification of the controlled substance provided it contains less than 0.3% THC levels. The 2018 Farm Bill also permitted the usage of hemp and its derivates which includes CBD derived from hemp. In 2019, Michigan legislated the Industrial Hemp Research and Development Act to regulate state laws alongside federal laws.

Both state and federal laws provided legal access to residents to Hemp in Michigan and hemp-extracted products. Although in consensus with the federal laws, Michigan prohibits CBD suppliers from selling CBD as a health supplement. Including CBD in beverages and foods was also restricted.  Moreover, in 2019, House Bill 5085 was introduced that permitted veterinarians to deliberate with pet owners the advantages and usage of CBD oil and medical marijuana for their pets. In 2020, the bill attained the legal status and became a law.


Are Prescriptions Required To Purchase CBD Oil In Michigan?

Due to its 100% legality, Michigan residents do not require to show any prescription, letter, or recommendation from their physician to purchase CBD products derived from hemp. Besides, no possession limits exist vis-a-vis hemp-derived CBD products.

The recreational marijuana laws of the state also permit you to buy CBD oil extracted from marijuana without the recommendation of a doctor. However, limitations are there with regard to the amount recreational users are permitted to possess. In case, the amount is insufficient to suffice your medical requirements, you are expected to participate in the medical-marijuana program of the state to be legally safe to possess higher quantities of medical marijuana.

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Is A Medical Card Necessary To Purchase CBD Oil in Michigan?



No, there is no need to receive a medical card for purchasing CBD oil derived from hemp and containing below 0.3% THC levels. There is the availability of hemp-sourced products which are legal at both the federal and state level. Still, you can purchase marijuana extracted CBD oil in the state without owning a medical card, but in case the amount is deficient in fulfilling your requirements you have to register with the program of state to receive a medical card. Being a patient having registration enables you to legally possess a higher amount of marijuana products to be used medically.

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How To Purchase CBD

You will experience no problem in finding your favorite CBD products across Michigan. Look for quality products and buy from online brands that test their products by an independent third party. At present, only industrial hemp CBD enjoys a legal status in all 50 states. Go for products extracted using the CO2 technique as it is the purest process for making CBD products and does not need any extra solvents or heat for CBD extraction from the plants.

Premium reputable brands like Hempdepot Wholesale offer a slew of CBD products from tinctures, bulk CBD oil, and hemp, wholesale CBD seeds and clones, and white label CBD products. As bulk manufacturers of CBD products from seed to sale, this leading brand ships nationwide as well as globally CBD products while maintaining excellent product quality and pure extraction techniques for quality assurance and a cleaner CBD range of products.

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Final Thoughts

Hemp-derived, as well as marijuana-extracted CBD oil, enjoy a legal status in Michigan. Purchasing CBD oil derived from hemp containing below 0.3% THC without a medical card or a recommendation from the doctor is permissible. Although, you need to attain the legal age or possess a medical card for purchasing CBD oil derived from marijuana with a high concentration of THC. Nonetheless, before purchasing CBD oil in Michigan, select its source wisely, scan reviews, search for the COA of the product, and essential, purchase CBD oil only from law-compliant, credible brands.

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