When it comes to CBD administration, there are countless options that are typically based on customer preference. However, bioavailability can make a big difference when it comes to decision-making factors. For the best CBD bioavailability, intranasal administration ranks the highest. That means that products that are vaped or inhaled provide the highest bioavailability with the quickest experienced effects. Vape products have really gained in popularity due to convenience, discretion, and ease of use. We’re proudly introducing new vape options for our white label CBD program!

Our Existing Vape Options for White Label CBD

Our standard vape cartridges and disposable vape pens are still available for white label. These options feature pure CBD isolate formulated with terpenes for a premium, essential option. They have no flavor added for a more natural experience. These white label CBD vape cartridge options work with any standard 510 battery.

Our New Vape Options for White Label CBD

We are proudly launching vape juice, also known as e-liquid, as a part of our white label CBD program. Each vape juice contains 1000mg of broad-spectrum CBD and is available in four flavors: mango, mint, strawberry lemonade, and grape. They’re compatible with most vaping devices and can be combined with other e-liquids for a custom user experience. Formulated with our proprietary PG:VG ratio, our vape juice offers the best vape experience available. These options provide a fun, flavorful way to enjoy CBD and are perfect for the vaping demographic.

Work with the Nation’s Trusted White Label CBD Program

Hemp Depot is proud to offer the trusted white label CBD program for both national and international clients. With our expanding vape options, you can really find the perfect product for your company and brand. All of our white label purchases include complimentary label design services and comprehensive support from our team. Our white label selection is also available for wholesale CBD orders. For more information regarding our white label CBD vape options, please contact us!

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