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ORGANIC ALCOHOL EXTRACTION - Organic Alcohol has been shown to be one of the most effective cannabinoid solvents that can produce an efficient extraction, while retaining high terpene content, and is also safe for consumption in its raw solvent form.

Note that this extraction method generally leaves behind the plant waxes, which may have benefits that are favored by some product manufacturers. The alcohol is also a polar solvent vs. the non-polar nature of the hydrocarbons and CO2 and as such can also extract less desirable materials from the material - such as chlorophyll. We extract at temperatures below -30deg C to avoid this, but the nature of the solvent at a molecular level is different and should be recognized.

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ACID OR NEUTRALIZED FORM (AKA DECARBOXYLATION) - Raw cannabis contains the acidic form of the cannabinoids. In our CBD rich hemp, those cannabinoids are primarily CBDA with trace amounts of THCA – both of which are not psychoactive. When controlled heat is applied, the CBDA/THCA molecule loses its carboxylic functional group (COOH) in the form of water vapor and carbon dioxide and become the neutralized forms of the molecules - CBD. This process is called decarboxylation or ‘decarbing’. Smoking or vaporizing cannabis decarboxylates the cannabinoids by the heat of the combustion (or vaporization). If the target product set is for oral ingestion, most clients prefer their product fully decarboxylated (also referred to as ‘activated’).

CBD oil products produced with n-Butane or alcohol as the primary solvent can either provided in a non-decarboxylated CBDA ‘dab-grade’ form that is solvent free and terpene rich or in an ‘Activated’ form that is fully decarboxylated. The other extraction methodologies traditionally default to decarboxylated cannabinoids as a result of the distillation processes used. 

ABSOLUTES / WINTERIZATION – Executing a secondary extraction with a polar solvent can provide additional purity to extracted oils and is desired by many clients and necessary for certain product sets. While this process also removes more of the volatile terpenes in the product, it also eliminates the fats, lipids and waxes that are present in the raw whole-plant extract. The secondary solvent leveraged is organic alcohol and while this process adds additional time to the processing procedures, the absolute extract produced is one of the purest available.

FORMULATION Some clients desire a crude oil extraction without additional refinement, but also need the THC at compliant levels to be sold as a raw hemp product. In this process, we mix our CBD oil with any carrier oil supplied by the customer to reduce the naturally occurring and concentrated THC levels in the crude oil extraction to compliant levels .

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