What’s the Difference Between White Label CBD and Private Label CBD?

Difference Between White Label CBD and Private Label CBD

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For startups and small businesses that are interested in purchasing wholesale CBD products, you may have heard about CBD. Many wholesalers and established businesses alike will offer white label or private label programs for their products. What do these terms mean and what are the differences?

White Label CBD Products

A white label product is a product that’s produced by one company but is rebranded by another company for their resale purposes. White label CBD services are a great opportunity for startups and established companies. White labeling lets you take an already successfully proven product and brand it as your own. This is perfect for those unfamiliar with CBD formulations or certain product formulations. White label CBD products can be added to existing CBD lines or to serve as your entire product line.

Private Label CBD Products

Private label products are products that are manufactured by one company specifically for sale under a different company’s brand. Private label CBD companies are usually designed solely for this purpose and aren’t sold as their own branded line of products. Private labeling provides the same benefits and opportunities as white labeling.

White Label Delta-8 THC Distillate
Distillate THC

White Label CBD vs. Private Label CBD

These terms are often used interchangeably in the CBD industry. Some private label products may only be available for rebranding while white label products may be sold under their own company brand as well. When looking for the right white label CBD products for your company, make sure to purchase only from companies that provide up-to-date COAs. Some white label companies will provide dropship programs and other benefits that offer better operational benefits for your needs. Here is some useful CBD products from Hemp Depot Water soluble powder, Prerolls, Weed gummy bears.

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Learn More About White Label CBD and Private Label CBD

Hemp Depot is proud to educate our clients on white label and private label CBD products. We’re honored to provide the leading white label CBD and private label CBD programs in the nation. With the highest quality standards and commitment to purity, you’ll gain access to the best CBD wholesale products available on the market. For more information regarding white label CBD and private label CBD, please contact us!

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