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Hemp Depot | Why We Sell Our CBD Seeds and Hemp Clones

At Hemp Depot, our mission is more than just growing premium hemp. It extends further into contributing to the explosive growth of the industry itself. It is this commitment to both CBD cultivation and culture that drives our innovation and willingness to share the actual seeds of our success. For these reasons, we offer the same high-quality CBD-rich hemp seeds and hemp clones that we use in our own best-selling products to the public. Available individual to consumers and wholesale to businesses alike, our goal is to provide premium seeds and clones for successful CBD-rich hemp production across the entire world.

All our CBD seeds and clones are independent, third-party tested for purity, safety, and concentration.

About Hemp Depot’s
Premium CBD-Rich Hemp Seeds

From high CBD feminized hemp seeds to generic CBD seeds, we have a range of options to fit nearly any business model. We understand from our own experience that starting with the best ingredients yields superior results. Therefore, all of our seeds are painstakingly harvested from high CBD:THC ratio plants bred in our own Colorado farms. By working with our industry-leading farmers and scientists, we have steadily improved these ratios over time and are now able to offer the best seeds in the industry for large-scale farming applications. Bred from extensive research and developed in our greenhouses, our CBD-rich hemp seeds are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Whether you are planning to propagate your own plants or sow seeds directly in your soil, utilizing with our premium, proven CBD seeds is the best place to start. 


Let Hemp Depot Set You Up For Success

Since we plant the same seeds we sell, there simply is no better experts on how to garner success using them than us. Our goal in consulting with you is to pass on our vast body of knowledge about our CBD seeds and hemp clones and how to use them properly for maximum gain. As such, the best way to begin your hemp journey is to speak with us directly. With the largest CBD-rich hemp seed inventory in the world, we are able to offer volume discounts and can fill most orders with our current reserve. All of our hemp clones and CBD seeds are non-GMO and bred in our Colorado farms.

Wholesale CBD Seeds and Clones Available

High CBD Hemp Clones

Enjoy premium high CBD hemp clones available for wholesale. All of our hemp clones are independent, third-party lab tested for CBD potency. Work with the nation’s leading hemp farmers for exclusive cultivation advice and gain access to our extensive inventory. We’ve partnered with novices and seasoned hemp farmers alike and are happy to extend our comprehensive experience and knowledge in both the hemp and CBD industry.

CBD-Rich Hemp Seed

Our high CBD feminized hemp seeds and generic CBD hemp seeds are both available for wholesale orders. After extensive research and development over the past decade, our leading hemp farmers and scientists have bred these lines of premium CBD seeds in order to create the most effective CBD products. We proudly share the seeds of our success with hemp farmers across the nation in hopes for continued success in our community.

Wholesale CBD Seed and Hemp Clone FAQ

Plant cloning is the process of producing a genetically identical plant without the need for breeding. Clones are created by cutting a portion from an adult hemp plant and transplanting it into moist soil. Clones grow into adult plants which can be cloned again to keep identical genetics in your farm. 

Yes, we sell both feminized CBD hemp seeds and generic CBD hemp seeds wholesale.

CBD hemp seeds are available at a higher price due to their guaranteed CBD content. Industrial hemp seeds have low naturally-occurring CBD content, resulting in the price difference. If you plan on growing hemp for applications other than CBD extraction, we recommend purchasing industrial hemp seed. However, if CBD biomass is your top priority, purchasing CBD-rich hemp seed will be overall more cost-effective. 

Feminized hemp seeds are guaranteed to be female plants. Female plants ensure better biomass and flower with no risk of pollination by male plants which can produce seeds in your crops. Generic CBD hemp seeds will have both male and female plants. If you plant generic CBD hemp seed, you will need additional labor and equipment to sift through seeds prior to production. Generic CBD hemp seed also produces about 2% lower CBD content in both biomass and flower. 

Yes, feminized CBD hemp seeds will always be more expensive than generic CBD hemp seed. This is due to the guaranteed female plants that offer more CBD content in both biomass and flower. Feminized crops also eliminate the concern for seeds, helping reduce labor and equipment costs.

When purchasing our hemp clones and seeds, we recommend 48″ x 36″ spacing for clone planting. Clone planting should result in 3,630 plants per acre. When planting by seed, we recommend 30″ x 24″ spacing. Seed planting should result in 8,712 plants per acre. 

When planting our high CBD hemp clones or feminized hemp seeds, we usually cultivate 2,000 to 3,000 lbs per acre of plant material, excluding stems and stock.* With generic CBD seed, we usually cultivate 500 to 1,000 lbs per acre, excluding stems and stock.*

*Please note that this is significantly dependent on soil, climate, water, and growing technique.

A well-grown hemp crop from our high CBD hemp clones and feminized seeds yield 8% to 10% CBD on whole plant biomass and 10% to 12% on flower.*

*Please note that CBD content of each variety varies based on nutrient regime, growing technique, sampling protocol, drying method, and post-harvest handling. 

When using generic CBD seeds, you can expects a 2% drop in CBD content. This results in 6% to 8% on whole plant biomass and 8% to 10% on flower.

Our generic CBD hemp seed male to female ratio is 50/50. Some farmers have been successful in raising the percentage of female plants by increasing their nitrogen content in the soil. 

Yes, when growing high CBD hemp for CBD cultivation, it is crucial to start testing your plant material three weeks prior to harvest to make sure that the THC content is under 0.3%. Extreme heat and/or drought can all increase THC levels in hemp plants. If growing outdoors, we recommend testing on September 1st. If you’re growing indoors or in a greenhouse environment, we recommend testing at day 30. 

All of our CBD hemp clones and seeds will pass any agricultural state department’s THC requirement if sampled at the right time. Implementing a testing program can help you minimize the risk of producing crops with THC content that’s higher than 0.3%.

When growing generic CBD hemp seed, the gross profit should be $3,000 to $6,000 with seed cost at $87 per acre. Other expenses are estimated at $2,000 an acre, providing farmers with a 30% to 65% gross revenue.*

When growing feminized CBD seeds, the gross profit should be $16,000 to $24,000 with seed cost at $2,613 per acre. Other expenses are estimated at $2,000 an acre, providing farmers with a 71% to 80% gross revenue.*

When growing CBD hemp clones, the gross profit should be $16,000 to $24,000 with clone cost at $10,890 per acre. Other expenses are estimated at $2,000 an acre, providing farmers a 19% to 46% gross revenue. *

*Please note that these are estimates. Success rates vary based on soil, water, climate, nutrient regime, and more.

We recommend planting our CBD seeds with a Monosem seed planter with a 30″ x 24″ spacing. We recommend planting our CBD hemp clones with a Checchi & Magli transplanter with a 48″ x 36″ spacing.

Yes, we recommend drying your hemp crops either in your field if your local climate is arid or with a dryer if your local climate is more humid. A modified combine harvester should be utilized for separating your biomass from the stem. Please contact us regarding equipment modifications! If you are planting generic CBD hemp seed, you’ll need an air column or vibrating screen for removing the seeds prior to processing.  

 Ideally, in soil with optimal levels of potassium (K) and phosphorus (P), we recommend for crops with a standard yield potential to be around 150 lbs per acre of nitrogen (N), 70 lbs per acre of potash (K2O), and 50 lbs per acre of phosphate (P2O5). We always suggest testing your soil prior to planting in order to create a custom fertilization strategy that’s based on your farm’s conditions. 

Yes, all of our CBD seeds and hemp clones are available for purchase. For more information regarding individual pricing, learn more here.

Yes, all of our CBD seeds and clones are available for delivery. Our CBD seed wholesale orders are shipped through UPS next day air with no shipping costs with guaranteed delivery. Our hemp clones require special shipping and are available at a modest shipping cost. Please contact us for more information regarding delivery pricing.

We can only sell our CBD seeds and hemp clones to individuals with a Farm Bill-compliant hemp license or registration. We’re able to ship to all 50 states as long as you provide proof of your state-issued license. 

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