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CBD business owners across the world know that they can count on Hemp Depot for fast, efficient dropshipping and fulfillment services. Hemp Depot is the largest CBD distributor in the United States with an extensive inventory and state-of-the-art facilities in Colorado Springs. We have the ability to provide accurate, reliable dropshipping services to all of our customers.

The Industry’s Leading CBD Dropship Company

At Hemp Depot, we’ve been manufacturing and distributing CBD products for years. We’re highly experienced with all of the logistics and legal compliance involved with dropshipping CBD products. Whether you need dropshipping for your private label CBD brand or are looking for a cost-effective solution and would like us to fulfill the orders on your behalf, we can accomodate all of your business needs!

Why Choose Us?

When you choose Hemp Depot for your dropshipping and fulfillment needs, you’re guaranteed a hassle-free experience. Our process is designed to cut costs, save time, and help you gain a competitive advantage in a rapidly growing industry.

Hybrid Fulfillment Services

We can provide any level of dropshipping or hybrid fulfillment services. Our dropship program is highly adaptive and customized for your specific CBD business needs.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We’ve streamlined our process in order to provide significant savings directly to our customers. Our dropship and fulfillment services are a cost-effective alternative to maintaining your own warehouse and finding the appropriate delivery services.

Easy Inventory Management

We’ll manage your inventory on your behalf, process your customers’ orders, and ship them directly to their location.

Low Risk Investment

Our dropshipping and fulfillment services are a low-risk solution for starting a CBD business with little to no overhead costs. Focus on differentiating your brand and marketing strategy while we handle everything from product manufacturing to dropship delivery.


We’ll store and track your inventory, so you don’t have to worry about hiring new staff or finding a larger warehouse in order to scale and grow your business. We can accommodate minimum orders of 100 to large-scale retail orders and everything in between.

CBD Dropshipping and Fulfillment FAQ

A: Due to documentation requirements and importation taxes, our dropship services are not available for international clients. International dropship services would cost a significant premium and may cause shipping delays to your customers. We offer international shipping and fulfillment services for all wholesale and bulk CBD orders, local law permitting. This ensures the most cost-effective and efficient process for all of our international clients. 

A: Yes, we can dropship your orders anywhere in the United States. We guarantee punctual shipping along with email confirmation of order tracking information directly to your customers. 

A: We’ve partnered with all the leading delivery carriers in the nation to ensure multiple options to get all your shipments safely delivered on schedule. We even have our own refrigerated delivery vehicles for providing in-house shipping if other delivery options aren’t viable. We provide our bulk shipping partnership savings directly to our customers. 

A: We offer a renowned hybrid fulfillment service that can accommodate any of your shipping needs! Simply let your project manager know which orders need to be dropshipped and which ones need to be delivered to your preferred destination. 

A: In certain cases we are able to expedite the process. If you required an expedited dropship or fulfillment, please let your project manager know as soon as possible. 

A: Yes, discretion is very important for all aspects of the process including dropshipping and fulfillment. Hemp Depot will not be mentioned on any return labels or on anything inside the order. It is crucial for us to maintain the integrity of your brand.

CBD Dropship and Fulfillment Resources

Our goal is to help your CBD business succeed in any way possible. We’ve developed our dropship and fulfillment services to enable better management and higher standards for your delivery needs. Take advantage of our complimentary resources so you can focus on other vital aspects of your business:

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