Aspi product line provides a good variety of variants, including moisturizers, balms, face wash, pre-shave oils, everyday hemp oil skin moisturizer, and muscle soothing, relaxing, and detoxifying bath soak. All these products are formulated with CBD and 100% natural scents to prevent dryness, dehydration, and protection from radical damages. They help enhance the skin’s elasticity, reduce irritation, are free from dirt and oil blemishing, dissolve tension in sore muscles, and regulate blood pressure and heart rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aspi is an extravagant product line that serves CBD-infused botanical skincare products for whitening, lightening and brightening the skin. It comprises a variety of product categories: balms, moisturizers, pre-shave oils, face wash, muscle soothing, detoxifying bath soak, everyday hemp oil skin moisturizer, and relaxing.
Yes, Aspi products are available globally and widely throughout the world. However, HempDepot Wholesale has come up with a product category of Aspi and has finally introduced a wide range of products in its section.
Aspi Thirsty Skin Daily Moisturizer + CBD is the most popular product of the Aspi product line. It incorporates a trio of enriched ingredients: Shiunko Oil, Coconut water, and Tremella mushroom. It is a suitable product for all skin types that keeps your skin moisturized, renders anti-aging perks, lowers inflammation, and maintains skin elasticity.
Yes, all Aspi products are purely and 100% vegan, having no glutens detected in it. You will not find any gluten-derived ingredients incorporated in our products.
Yes, there are three products that contain a highly potential ingredient – Nut Oil, listed below:
  • Thirsty Skin Daily Face Moisturizer + CBD
  • Firming + Hydrating Daily Facial Moisturizer + CBD
  • Weightless Conditioning Beard + Pre-Shave Oil

Here are four products that contain good quality Cetyl ingredient, mentioned below: 

  • Thirsty Skin Daily Face Moisturizer + CBD
  • Firming + Hydrating Daily Face Moisturizer + CBD
  • Hydrating + Age Defense Shave Balm
  • Superbly Smoothing Body Lotion

Cetyl ingredient is utilized in being a preservative, stabilizer, and emulsifier.

Apply to clean, dry skin after cleansing. Use directly with your palms or lightly soak a cotton pad, then pat and press over your face letting it absorb.
Aspi products have a one year shelf life. But, for longer use, it is better to keep it in a dark and cool place or store it in a refrigerator (not freezer).
Yes, volcanic ash and bamboo exfoliators are present in our product line. Try out our Aspi Volcanic Ash + Bamboo Cleansing Body Scrub to keep your skin intact in the condition of being hydrated, smooth, and highly nourished skin. Suggested use twice or thrice in a week. Excessive use may lead to harm.

Different skin types are given below: – 

  • Normal
  • Combination
  • Oily/Acne-Prone
  • Dry/Mature
  • Sensitive
Origin of the ingredients in the Aspi products are sourced from the USA and globally.
Aspi brand of Hemp Depot Wholesale received legal certifications for providing Kosher, cruelty – free, purely vegan products.