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Our CBN bulk products contain CBN Isolate in 6 tiers starting from 100 gms – 51+ kg, ranging price between $545 – $3650. It comes in crystalline form, and the end product is white power having no aroma or scent with 99% of cannabinoid volume. It includes cruelty-free and purely vegan certification to be safe for the user. The content of CBN powder is evaluated in milligrams to prepare quickly. CBN Isolate occupies a two-year shelf life and must be stored in a cool and dark place, far from sunlight, for extended durability.

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CBN Isolate

**CALL IF ORDERING 75+ KILO Tiered Pricing Breakdown TIER | VOLUME | LIST PRICE Tier 1 | 100 grams | $520 Tier 2 | 500 grams | $1740 Tier 3 | 1-5 KG | $3160 Tier 4 | 6-25 KG | $2935 Tier 5 | 26-50 KG | $2740 Tier 6 | 51+ KG | $2570

$520.00 - $3,160.00

Frequently Asked Questions

The current price of CBN Bulk products range between $545 – $4490.  CBN Isolate comprises terpenes and cannabinoids and is 99% Pure CBN. Still, CBN is known for sleep-inducing properties and benefits for improving focus and helping with immobility. CBN Isolate used in the form of Oils, water-soluble products, and others.

Yes, you can create CBN oil by blending a carrier oil of your choice, MCT oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil, coconut, avocado oil, or hemp seed oil with CBN Isolate. It allows you to customize and modify the product as per your requirement. Remember, the boiling point of CBN Isolate is 365° Fahrenheit, which must not exceed.

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