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Hemp Depot comprises White Label CBN tinctures for sleep and incorporates active CBN and Sunflower Lecithin as primary ingredients. It has introduced the White Label program to deliver the unlabeled stock directly to the companies in specific products and assist them in marketing.

CBN compound has minimal research studies but contains some valuable health benefits. Some of its health benefits include treatment for Glaucoma, Inflammation, and Appetite Stimulation, which renders a calming meditative effect, and controls the proliferation of the bacteria.

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Frequently Asked Questions

White Label CBN Tinctures include active cannabinoids such as CBD in 900 mg, CBN in 150 mg, and Melatonin in 120 mg. However, the ratio of the minor cannabinoids varies according to the dosage, so it would much prefer the complete cannabinoid profile with COA attached. This tincture appears in subtle color infused with sweet spearmint flavor and elegant scent incorporating broad-spectrum hemp oil, sunflower lecithin, CBN isolate, and others.

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 500 units for the CBN Tinctures available at the Hemp Depot. The Lead time ranges from 6 -to 8 weeks, depending upon the raw material used and the standard packaging.