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Wholesale And Bulk CBD Hemp Clones are the Best CBD Rich Hemp Clones For Sale In Colorado. These wholesale CBD clones are quick to create a canopy and have tremendous strength. Cannabinoids proportion ratio is 26:1 for CBD: THC to form an excellent uniformity. It is an accomplished substance for biomass and is high in terpenes such as B-Myrcene and B-Caryophyllene. Hemp Depot conducts product shipping regulations that align with the Farm Bill-compliant hemp license.

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Frequently Asked Questions

$2 is the price per clone and comes in 126 clones per tray. Generally, the size available for clones ranges from 1 – to 50,000, fulfilled within two weeks to render customer satisfaction. The standard for germination seeds ranges between 90% – 99%, which appears diverse among the batches of Wholesale CBD Clones.

8% – 10% of CBD yields on whole plant biomass, whereas 10% – 12% of CBD yields on flowers from a crop grown in healthy conditions.

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