Wholesale CBD Seedlings

This is an excellent opportunity for wholesale retailers to place an order for the Wholesale CBD seedlings that are pest-free. Our seeds are organically grown on the farms of Colorado and field-tested from California to Michigan and down to Florida. CBD Seedlings have tap roots and grow strenuously. Wholesale CBD seedlings are 99.95% feminized hemp seedlings with guaranteed satisfaction. These seedlings are drought tolerant too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

$162.00 is the worth of the Seedlings (BaOx 99.95% Fem). You can get the Wholesale CBD seedlings in 1 Tray = 162 seedlings. It contains the Cherry HD strain above 2% CBC. We serve field-tested products from California to Michigan and down to Florida.

Retailers can easily order, as we can accommodate unlimited orders to ship in all the legal 50 states. Buy the best and highest quality hemp seeds available in Colorado. We are a one-stop solution to all your needs.

Indeed, CBD can be grown from seeds, followed by rooted watering for stimulating germination. Between 5 to 10 days, you will notice the sproutings from the seed; the remaining seeds might take two weeks to sprout. Water the hemp seeds once a week, either in the morning or dusk, to avoid evaporation.

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