All Broad-Spectrum Wholesale Products

Have you only tried our full spectrum products? Come with us to try an extensive broad spectrum of wholesale products offered by Eddie and Cibadol brands at Hemp Depot Wholesale. Our products are available in the highest potency ranging from 900 mg to 1050 mg. They are purely vegan and cruelty-free and backed by many certifications for the products that we provide. Best to refrigerate in a cool and dark place for extended shelf life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Broad-Spectrum Wholesale Products help relieve pain, lower anxiety, stimulate sleep, and enhance the appearance of your skin. However, a broad spectrum of wholesale products is available in tinctures, gummies, topicals, oils, and capsules. Hemp Depot Wholesale offers various products wholesale for the retailers to try the product they wish to sell.

CBD is undetected in the drug test. However, THC can be detected in some forms of CBD products. So, if THC content is high, then it will be traced in a drug test. As per the Farm Bill regulations, any product with high CBD and low (0.3%) THC is considered safe for various purposes.