CBD Isolate

Look into our small collection of CBD Isolate products available in slab, sauce, and flowers powered by Eddie brand. We provide all products third-party lab tested vigorously to ensure each batch is free of solvents, and chemicals. In every 1 gram CBD Isolate contains 99.9% pure CBD potency. Terpenes, and CBD Isolate are the only basic ingredients utilized in formulating CBD Isolate Wholesale products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Wholesale worth of Eddie 1 Gram CBD Isolate Powder is $7.32. It is less than the MSRP price, which is $15. It is available in a pack of 6, making the estimated worth of Eddie 1 Gram CBD Isolate Powder $43.90.

Our products aim to serve 100% markup to the retailers on the MSRP price, so they get motivated to carry out the entire product line of the different forms they like to merchandise.

The three product variants of the Wholesale CBD Isolate are Power, Sauce, and Slab offered by the reputable Eddie product brand.

All product variants are available in a case of 6, but their wholesale price varies accordingly. Eddie 1 Gram CBD Isolate Powder is $7.32, Eddie CBD Isolate Sauce is $6.77, and Eddie CBD Isolate Slab is $8.30.