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Hemp Depot serves CBD pills wholesale for their clients who aim to render the high potency and benefits of CBD incorporated in each pill. These pills come with awake and sleep-inducing characteristics, supported by our most liked Cibadol brand.

Our CBD Softgels come in 300 mg and 900 mg potencies. Along with this, Zero CBD Broad-spectrum Softgels and Zero CBD Softgels, both products come in 900 mg potency to render maximum relief from pain and mental health.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The suggested use for the beginners of CBD Pills is straightforward, as a user needs to fill the dropper with a few drops of tincture. Then, placing the dropper above the tongue, wait for the drops to fall on your tongue in the air. Ingest the tincture properly, so it can get inside your body to be effective within a few minutes.

Hemp Depot provides CBD pills suitable for AM/PM hours to keep you active throughout the day to work and put you in deep sleep when tired. Our products come in broad-spectrum softgels and Zero CBD softgels.

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