As a retailer, do you want to merchandise Pet products containing CBD? If yes, we have a sale on the Pure Pet CBD Capsules available in the 300 mg strength. Hurry up! Please don’t be late; we have a sale on Pure Pet 300mg CBD Pet Capsules, with case prices declining from $97 to $74. Isn’t it amazing that with such a price drop, you can quickly sell the wholesale Pet CBD products accessible to your customers? Check out our product and see if your customers like it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

CBD exhibits anti-inflammatory properties to deal with hypersensitivity and dermatitis. It helps to alleviate pain and lower the frequency of seizures in animals.

CBD is a robust compound that supports the immunity to treat diseases your pet has. It supports the various systems of your pet, such as the nervous system and cardiovascular system. It serves gastrointestinal support, along with curbing the effect of anxiety.

Wholesale worth is $16.30 off the Wholesale Pure Pet CBD Capsules. It is variable lower than the MSRP cost price, which is $35, to motivate the retailers to purchase the entire product line to sell any product they wish. Case price for this affordable product has been reduced, and now it costs $74.00 for sale and clearance in a set of six.