CBGenius High CBG Smokable Flower

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$300.00 - $500.00

Tiered Pricing Breakdown


Tier 1 | 1-4 LBS | $500
Tier 2 | 5-10 LBS | $400
Tier 3 | 10+ LBS | $300

Quantity Price Per Unit
1 - 4 $500.00
5 - 10 $400.00
11+ $300.00


Hemp Depot CBGenius, a high CBG smokable flower, is grown indoors, hand-harvested, and trimmed. This is an ultra-premium product with an incredible kush-like terpene profile. These dense buds are perfect for adding a smokable hemp product to the shelf or creating a premium joint/cone product. These buds are tested and certified to be under 0.3% THC and are available to ship in all 50 states. All of our products are grown without the use of any pesticides or herbicides.

Hemp Depot CBGenius High CBG Smokable Flower

Product Characteristics: Terpene-rich, dense hemp buds with naturally-occurring trichomes.

Active Compounds: Cannabigerol (CBG), Cannabidiol (CBD), Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), Cannabinol (CBN), Cannabichromene (CBC). Minor cannabinoid content will vary from batch to batch. Please refer to the batch COA for the complete cannabinoid profile.

Extraction and Refinement Process: Hand-harvest and hand-trimmed.

Shelf Life: One year if unopened. Our CBG Smokable Flower should be stored in a cool, dark place. May be stored in a refrigerator if the container is tightly sealed for longer shelf life.

Origin: Grown on our Colorado non-GMO hemp farms raised with strict organic farming practices and packaged in our cGMP-certified, FDA-registered manufacturing facility.

Testing: Every batch is independent, third-party lab tested to ensure proper cannabinoid profile, no pesticide exposure, no heavy metals, no toxic solvent residue, and no mold or mildew contamination. All bulk and wholesale orders come with corresponding COAs that businesses can use to support the purity and efficacy of their products.

Packaging: Available in low 1 lb. increments, our bulk smokable hemp flower is packaged in food-grade containers with insert safety plug and tamper-proof closure. For large-scale orders, food-grade drums are available.

Allergy Information: Allergy-friendly formulation.

Certifications: Certified cruelty-free, vegan, and Kosher.

What Is CBGenius High CBG Smokable Hemp Flower?

CBGenius is a proprietary high CBG hemp strain that’s bred and grown on our Colorado farms. Our smokable hemp flower is a finished product that’s grown indoors, hand-harvested, and hand-trimmed.

CBGenius High CBG Smokable Hemp Flower Benefits

Our high CBG hemp flower is perfect for adding a premium smokable hemp product to your product offering or creating pre-roll products. The terpene-rich buds are similar to those found in marijuana products but are federally compliant with 0.3% THC.

Formulation Guidance for CBGenius High CBG Smokable Hemp Flower

CBGenius High CBG Smokable Hemp Flower can be sold as a finished product or used to formulate premium pre-rolls, joints, cones, etc. They can also be infused with other cannabinoid distillates for the ultimate user experience.

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    Best price for Wholesale CBG flower

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