Water-Soluble Bulk Products

Our Bulk CBD products come in water-soluble gel form in Isolate and the distilled type and Isolate powder. Isolate types of CBN, CBG, CBD cannabinoid, CBC distillate, and full and broad nano-encapsulated types come in water-soluble gel form. Also, the Water-Soluble CBD Powder is available in broad-spectrum and CBD Isolate types. It can be formulated into various products, from beverages to bath bombs. These products are available in a pricing breakdown of four tiers with weight varying from 1-5 kg to 51+ kg. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the water soluble bulk products available in all cannabinoids, such as CBN, CBG, CBC, and CBD; as well as in all spectrums (full spectrum, broad spectrum), and Non- Encapsulated.


The pricing breakdown for the Nano-Encapsulated/Water-Soluble CBD Isolate Powder is present in 4-tier up to 51+ kg in $315. It appears in the white crystalline form, unscented and unflavored. $315.00 – $420.00 is the price range of water-soluble bulk products. Its shelf life is 24 months, so it would be suitable to store it in a cool and dark place for more extended durability.