White-Label Delta 9 THC

We have always known that Delta – 9 THC produces a sedative effect on the user. But, what if this sedative effect can be reduced when CBD is incorporated along with Delta – 9 THC? Yes, Hemp Depot has a unique collection of the White Label Delta – 9 THC products in four variants: tinctures, syrups, gummies, and hard candies. Our premium products are highly concentrated and are federally compliant with less than 0.3% THC.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Be it an experienced or a new user, checking the dosage before consumption is suggested. However, the absorption duration varies between 90-120 minutes for the Delta – 9 THC gummies to kick in. The Hemp Depot Wholesale program allows you to send your selected background for the labeling and packaging of the product if needed.

Yes, you can commence shipping of the White Label Delta – 9 THC products till the THC ratio remains less than 0.3%. That way, it will be easy for you to sell CBD online and offline stores legally. You can also ship through USPS or any carrier ship that distributes CBD products to various countries.