All Full-Spectrum Wholesale Products

Here we have a Full Spectrum of Wholesale products brought by Eddie and Cibadol brands. We have also introduced a sale on Pure Pet CBD Capsules that come in 300 mg strength, CBD tinctures in 300 mg to 1800 mg strength, and CBD Flowers, Salves, and Softgels. Make a trial run for the various products available at Hemp Depot in the Full Spectrum hemp extract. 

Frequently Asked Questions

According to the Federal Law of the US, products that contain CBD are allowed to sell. But, it asks for the condition to keep the THC content below 0.3%, else it might release sedative effects or make the user high. Many sellers are taking interest in CBD products, as it is available in a diverse range.

Full Spectrum Wholesale CBD products might be detected on a drug test because they contain THC. But, as long as the THC content resides below 0.3%, till then it won’t show up on a drug test. So, it is advisable to check the THC ratio in all the Full Spectrum Wholesale CBD products at Hemp Depot Wholesale.