Crude Oil Bulk Products

Crude Oil bulk products come in Full-Spectrum CBGa, Alcohol-Extracted CBD, CO2-Extracted CBDa, Nug Run CO2 Extracted CBD Crude oil, and Hemp Seed Oil.

Full-Spectrum CBGa, Alcohol-Extracted CBD, and CO2-Extracted CBDa crude oil are favorable for being formulated at a heating point of 332° Fahrenheit into various products, topicals, edibles, and suppositories. They consist of a high proportion of terpenes, a full cannabinoid profile, and natural hemp flavor. Nevertheless, hemp seed oil, recently added to our menu of crude oil bulk products, formulated at the heating point of 475° Fahrenheit to serve the potential health benefits to the users.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Full-Spectrum CBDa Crude Oil is a valuable product due to its high bioavailability and originality. This product is a versatile product used in formulating various forms of products like suppositories, topicals, ingestible, and more.

CBDa Crude Oil offers highly potent benefits with quality premium pricing breakdown in 6-Tier. Its pricing range is between $200.00 – $365.00.

Crude Oil bulk products can be bought from Hemp Depot Wholesale, as they purposely serve the highest and standard quality products. Our product pricing is fixed at $20 – $1400 in pricing breakdown and enriched ingredients infused in them.